My Cuban Hairdresser

Over the years he shared all kinds of stories with me about his life. One of the most amusing was when he finished a relationship with his latest boyfriend. He’d asked the fellow to move out and when Manolito came home, the ex had made off with all kinds of his things, right down to his designer underwear. A couple of years later when he lost his father, Manolito took it hard, lost all kinds of weight and I told him we all dread that day, but that brighter days would be in his future.

Manolito in his new salon

He had always dreamed of opening his own salon, and just a couple of months ago with the new changes to regulations for private business owners in Cuba, opened the doors of the Boyeros house he shares with his mother to the public. He has imported all kinds of top-notch styling products, decorated the place so that it’s like NO other Cuban salon I’ve ever seen, and is off to a great start. I’m very certain he will flourish as a self-employed beautician. While I was there he was doing a $70 keratin treatment on a mulatta girl. It will leave her hair straight for the next 4 months or so, providing she doesn’t go swimming in pool/ocean and uses the special shampoos. I got a $10 pore cleansing done and loved that Manolito even had the relaxing spa music to accompany the treatment. In Canada a facial cost me $75 and the extractions weren’t nearly as satisfying or effective. Another Cuban girlfriend of mine who´s also a hairdresser was telling me the other day where I can pick up some real human hair extensions for a friend of mine from $18-25 per section. My friend had been quoted around $500 CAD for this service in Canada.

The spa treatment area

Even though he costs more than the average private Cuban salon, and he lives all the way out by the airport, I will probably keep going back to Manolito. Once you find a hairdresser you like, it’s hard to switch. It’s like cheating on your husband or something.

Maybe for my next post I’ll tell you about my new tattoos. Which I never dreamed of getting until my Cuban hairdresser girlfriend showed up with hers…..


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