About WoWCuba / MacQueen’s Island Tours

WoWCuba’s a Canadian-Cuban adventure travel company owned by the MacQueen family from Prince Edward Island. PEI’s seasonal economy’s what led to our father & founder to pioneer supported cycle tours in Cuba with us in 1994. Over a quarter century later, we’ve grown deep Cuban roots and provide our guests with full benefits of Cuban lessons we’ve learned through good old trial-and-error experience.

We’ve mastered Cuban Spanish, married locals, raised families, built homes and lasting relationships with Cubans from one tip of the country to the other. Cuba leads by example in sustainability, support for noble causes, organic & urban agriculture, and resilience in the face of adversity. Cuba can also be incredibly bureaucratic, so when you travel with WoWCuba, know we’ll be taking care of the details on or behind the scenes so you can just enjoy the ride. It’s our pleasure to share some of our favorite off-the-beaten-path haunts, so you can experience and interact with Cuban culture up close, and focus simply on savoring its unique flavors in the hands of our experienced and fun-loving team.

Last, but not least, we’re extra proud to be a Certified Sustainable Business in our hometown of Charlottetown.

What else should you know before entrusting us with your valuable leisure time and sharing your personal & credit card information with WoWCuba? We don’t have an identity crisis. But we do have a couple of different names. For billing purposes, we go by the name of MacQueen’s Island Tours, our family’s registered Canadian business name (you know, the company that pays taxes). WoWCuba is the trade name we use for our Cuba travel division because, as a brand, customers automatically get the concept when they see “WoWCuba” on our website. You get the picture, right?

WoWCuba….Discover Cuba’s Inner Beauty.
That’s what we’re really about.

We operate & administer the following websites for our Cuban & Canadian companies.

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